Friends of WCSA

Persons from the community-at-large are encouraged to be Friends of WCSA.  Friends of WCSA are not voting members, but this affiliation allows us to keep you informed of upcoming events and opportunities Friends of WCSA membership is free, and is a great way for non-hill staff to be involved in our association.


How do I join Friends of WCSA

  • Sign up through the website. 
  • Include your name, email, education, and current job title. 

Who are Friends of WCSA?   

  • Former hill staff
  • Women seeking jobs on the hill
  • Interested women from other associations, organizations, etc.

Benefits of Friends of WCSA membership: 

  • Updates on certain upcoming career-development events
  • Connections with our community service and broader outreach efforts
  • Opportunities to mentor WCSA members or invite them to your own organization's events

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